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Free Woodwork Books

I have found a number of rather good, out-of-print books available for free online. This page provides links to a selection hosted by the CD3WD project.

Free books

The CD3WD project hosts an incredible number of out of print resources from projects from around the world. Much of the information is still current, and the project is well worth a browse through.


How to restore old files

File being sharpened

File Sharpening

Most people have a drawer full of old files - and never use them because they are so blooming blunt. here is a way to do something about that.



Woodworking tools


Router Plane

An old fashioned tool, largely replaced by electric routers. It is still very usefull however, has that 'old school' feel and doesn't use electrickery.



Hand Drill

Torpedo Level A drill chuck with a simple handle. Very handy for quick or fiddly jobs.




Torpedo Level

Torpedo Level There are plenty of old, broken or warped spirit levels around that can be robbed for bits to make a new one.



3 Marking Gauges

3 marking gauges Three different types of marking gauge, each with a different fastening mechanism.


New life for dead cordless drills

3 marking gauges What do you do when your cordless drill dies? Connect it to an old car battery. As a bonus, it will run all day without needing a recharge.


Flush Cut Saw

3 marking gauges

A saw with its teeth 'set' on one side only so it wont scratch a surface it is resting/cutting on. Hard to buy, and surprisingly easy to make