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Integrated Community Training

Sustainability in Ownership

Link: The Parable of the Mumu

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Integrated Community Training

Integrated Community Training has evolved from a desire to empower people, and was crystalised in The Parable of the Mumu. We created this website to tie all the different ideas together and to share projects and resources.


Pic 7 I call myself a Social Ecologist, and hold PhD and Masters degrees in science. Both of my theses place a major emphasis on social and community engagement. My studies have crystallised a long held suspicion that many technical intervention projects fail because they fail to engage local communities and to transfer ownership of project outcomes. I have also demonstrated that a project can easily outlast its funding if a community is allowed to adapt and own a project.

Whilst working as an independent reviewer for a South Australian water management project I was surprised to find these same principles in play. When local communities saw project officers actually respond to their questions, concerns and suggestions, they were much more likely to buy into the project goals. End result, a successful project in a controversial area.

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I hold a degree in Applied Science and am waiting for the award of my Master of Science Degree. My specialisation is in carbon sequestration and my thesis describes the requirements of sequestration management systems. I work in areas relating to data management and analysis, and have experience in applictions programming and IT.

I am also the 'techo' of the project, and have the occasional skill in mechanical and electronic based pursuits.