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Mt. Wilhelm Tourist Hotel


Simbu Province, PNG


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and ask them to send word to Wapo Guna (pr "Goona") at the Woti Conservation Area

  Wapo Guna. Send word via the Mt. Wilhelm Tourist Hotel.

Woti Conservation Area, Chimbu Province, Papua New Guinea

A trekking holiday well off the usual tourist map.

  Woti Conservation Area

I first visited Woti in 2000. It was a magic place way up in the clouds, and a place where the people live much as they have done for millenia. The forest too is largely untouched, and that is the way that the Woti people want to keep it.

Many people might call this 'living in harmony', but reality is more complex. People there do want to improve their standard of living just like anyone else. They just don't want to do it at the cost of their land. So, many years ago, they began to explore eco-tourism. The only problem is that Woti is up in the mountains, and only a few have heard of it or seen its beauty.

When I married my wife, Wapo came to our wedding. He gave us a ceremonial spear, and said to us: "When you go back to Australia, please remember us. Remember to speak for us."

We moved back to Australia and spent eight years raising a familly and being busy. The spear sat in a corner, but every so often I noticed it and remembered. Then, in 2008 we went back.

The forest was just as untouched as it was before, and the community just as friendly.

The Woti Conservation Area is not the easiest place to get to. The community do maintain a warm dry guest house just in case though, and provide guided tours through their mountain home. Their mountain is honeycombed with limestone caves, and the views are spectacular.

The photos here show a local cultural dance group, the community at Woti, and some of the limestone cave 'high country' I'm not much of a one for creative writing, so I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

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