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Places to stay and places to visit in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a land of rugged beauty with an increadible mix of modernity and timelessnes. There are many remote rural communities who have built guest houses in the hope of encouraging Cultural or Eco-tourism, but there are not many ways for them to get the word out. This page is about giving these communities and families a voice that people around the world can hear.

We have been to most of these places ourselves, so do feel free to drop us an email if you want to know more.

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Stairway to 					Woti

Woti Conservation Area - Chimbu Province

Spectacular upper-montane rainforest, trekking in unspoilt Papua New Guinea


Sugarfruit sellers of Watabung

Sugarfruit Sellers - Watabung

If you are heading up the Highlands Highway from Goroka to Kundiawa, make sure you check out the sugar fruit at Watabung.


Madana Lodge

Madana Lodge - Kavieng, New Ireland

The Madana offers confortable rooms, a family feel and reasonable rates. And the "locals" regularly stay there...



Dalom Village, New Ireland

Tropical paradise with the lot.

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