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YUS Sewing Classes

During a recent trip to the YUS conservation area (Huon Peninsula - Papua New Guinea), Miriam was asked if she could run some sewing classes. On her next trip she came prepared and sewing machines came from every direction.

Many sewing machines needed adjustment or repair. Miriam got to work as best she could but was praying for someone to help. The next day, a young man came forward who had experience repairing sewing machines!. He has now started a micro-business doing this.

Then the classes started.

We are now looking for donations of old sewing machines to refurbish and send to PNG. Manual or electric, working or not, all donations are appreciated.

Click here if you can help

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Sewing Machine Repair

Basic Sewing Machine Repair

K. Kiri & S. Kalmakoff - 1979

This manual is a combination of basic sewing machine repair guide, and adjustment guide. It is now out of print, but is still a valuable guide for the types of machines we commonly see in PNG. The file is hosted at, and I have also kept a copy in case the link goes down.

Download PDF (CD3WD; 4Mb)

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