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The King of Nuts – A new industry for PNG?

Macadamia nuts are claimed by some to be the king of nuts, and the most expensive tree nut in the world. Whatever the merits of this claim, they are certainly a delicious and expensive food, as a walk through most international airports will demonstrate.

Will Macadamias grow in Papua New Guinea?

Macadamias grow in similar climates to coffee, and have been growing in Papua New Guinea since at least the 1970’s. In 2008, a local chap spotted a small growth trial near Goroka and exclaimed ‘Do you know what those trees are? They are gold!’ attesting both to his knowledge of this nut, and it’s potential. Since then, anecdotal evidence has suggested that there are quite a few of these trees scattered through PNG.

An Economic Proposition

Macadamia trees can produce somewhere between 10 and 15kg of nuts per tree at maturity. At international ‘farm gate’ prices, this is worth K50-K75 per tree per year, and up to K17,000 per hectare for larger plantings.

As a micro-business proposition, macadamia trees:
-> produce a crop that can be sold for domestic consumption;
-> can be used as a companion/shade tree for coffee;
-> are a large tree that benefits from pruning, and will contribute to local firewood supplies

What is the Next Step?

It appears that Macadamia has not succeeded in PNG as a commercial crop due to limitations of the early cultivars and difficulty in propagating large quantities of trees. This trial has established that newer cultivars are easy to grow and much quicker to production than the early varieties. The next step is to commence training in propagation techniques and to form partnerships with local landholders

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